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Torcon '03

Con Report by Gandalara

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Worldcon 2003 - August 28 through September 1, aka TorCon

MToney had a "cardiac event" his second night there and spent the next 3 days in the hospital. When I got home from vacation, I found that I was expected to take an 'early retirement' from my job of almost 23 years. Needless to say, I'm not in the mood to write a con report.

Here's the pictures.

Con Photo"Araiused"

"Late night dinner at Marche, Nadia and Ara"Con Photo

Con PhotoCN Tower

"Solid concrete, straight up"Con Photo

Con Photo"Ara going through security at CN Tower"

"Three shots of looking down"Con Photo
Con Photo
Con Photo

Con Photo"Gandalara"

"Nadia"Con Photo

Con Photo
Con Photo
"Two shots of standing on the glass floor"

"Future governor of California at Planet Hollywood?"Con Photo

Con Photo"ID4 spaceship mock-up at Planet Hollywood"

"Free beer at Steamwhistle Brewing"Con Photo

Con Photo
Con Photo
"The Skywalk - able to go from building to building without going outside. But it took us about a kilometer out of our way., so we never used it again"

"An empty convention hall before the chaos begins."Con Photo
Con Photo

Con Photo"Advertising for the RAH Blood Drive."

"The Armadillo and Loose Moose - 2 separate restaurants."Con Photo

Con Photo"The Strathcona - my hotel. Famous for fire alarms."

"My side entrance to the Royal York."Con Photo

Con Photo"The lobby of the Royal York."

"Shadfamily arrives. Ara, Shadow and Chip"Con Photo

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