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Millennium Philcon '01

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Con Report by Gandalara

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Convention Facilities and Philadelphia

Convention Entrance This was the entrance into the convention center from the Marriott - the giant castle. The rigging near the ceiling lit up at night and looked like stars. You went under the bridge and thru a long corridor to get to registration, the dealer's room, the art show, and various panel rooms. By the end of the night, you really wanted a skateboard to get across all this.

The World Science Fiction Society Banner is displayed at every World Convention, near registration. It's kind of like the lit torch at Olympics ... carried from convention to convention, as the seal of approval. WSFS Banner

Dealer's Room Dealer's Room
Dealer's Room Internet Lounge
The first three pictures above are of the Dealer's Room -- everyone's favorite credit card nightmare. The fourth is the Internet Lounge in the Marriott, supplied by the Convention. Never a computer free - I think some people spent the whole convention here.

Philadelphia at night, from the Squid Suite. Hotel at Night

View From Hotel Window A daytime view of Philadelphia from the hotel room.

The fireworks picture was taken from the opposite side of the hotel looking towards the river. We were on the 10th floor. Philly Fireworks

Indendence Hall Liberty Bell Independence Hall, taken from next to the Liberty Bell building. I took this trip alone on Monday before the Con started. And since I was there, I couldn't miss the Liberty Bell.

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