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03/26/2008: Shades of MST3K...play Caption This!

08/17/2007: Another New Fiction Serial! >
Chatter T man is making his epic SF poem, Tales of New Canterbury available in serial form. You can read the prologue right now, and check the Stories page for additional updates.

08/07/2007: New Serial Novel Online! >
Our own Araiused will be making her novel, Blue Star, Glory Far, available online in serial form. You can read Chapter 1 right now, and check the Stories page for additional updates.

04/20/2007: New Toy: OWCWiki! The O*W*C has its own Wiki instance. >
The O*W*C has its own Wiki instance. We're still very much in beta, so if you contribute an article please save a copy of your work, lest we blow away the database.

12/31/2006: New Year, New Look. The O*W*C site has undergone a massive makeover. Not everything is up and running yet, so don't be surprised at broken links.

10/16/2006: The O*W*C has a blog. Check us out for your daily fix! >

04/26/2006: Several O*W*C hosts and guests will be attending LACon IV (WorldCon), August 23-27, 2006. >
Check out our Convention Chatter message board for information about meetups!

10/20/2005: Check out Digital Papyrus! >
The O*W*C offers a monthly newsletter devoted entirely to SF news. Read it online or sign up to receive it by e-mail each month.

07/04/2004: Get your name in lights! Well, in phosphor anyway....
Read a book, write down what you think about it and send your review to our Webmistress. She'll post it, um, posthaste.

05/26/2004: Interview with Adam Connell 06/10!
Author Adam Connell will be joining us in the SF General chat room on June 10, 2004.

11/03/2003: Important Newsletter Change!
A change in AOL's policies prevents us from sending our newsletter under the auspices of the Community Leader program. However, don't despair! We will be producing an "unofficial" newsletter, so you can still get your Digital Papyrus fix. You must "opt in" to receive the new version of the newsletter; we will not be using our current distribution list. If you'd like to continue receiving our monthly science fiction newsletter (which is not affiliated with AOL), please send a subscription request to newsletter@webmoose.com

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